In a nutshell NuPlays is an online service in which artists and labels offer their music in a new, sexier way :) We all want to support artists, but we also want to feel that we spend our hard-earned money reasonably!. Therefore albums on NuPlays are offered in a different way than in regular e-shops: artists create albums and then they add special offers, bundled with albums: gadgets, t-shirts, tickets to gigs and online concert, apps and many more. But that's not all. Each time you buy ANYTHING on NuPlays you'll get NuPlays points. You can redeem points for MEGAoffers prepared by NuPlays and artists, like Google Hangout with artists, special gadgets, t-shirts, tickets to best shows and many many many more! Artists can also easily implement their NuPlays store on their fanpage (see for example), so it's easier to follow your idol now :)

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